Original greetings for the beloved
  • Greetings and presentation of the gift by a life-size doll in the form of a heart (15-20 minutes) or Walk-photo shoot with doll-heart in beautiful places of Kharkov;
  • Congratulation in the window with the help of our climbers (the presentation of gifts, flowers, balloons);
  • The Prince on horseback (the appearance at the house of your sweetheart or on a date dressed as a Prince, with a gift and on horseback);
  • The orchestra (the brass band) under the window of your beloved or on the promenade or at any other place as you wish, composed of 5-6 people (15-30 minutes);
  • Fire heart (combines the burning fire installations in the form of two hearts or sign "I LOVE YOU");
  • The service of singing waiters (duet or trio of Opera singers), as well as saxophonists, violinists, accordionists, guitarists during romantic dinners at cafes or restaurants;

Impossible is possible!Every day counts! Do not waste it in vain - we will make you happy!