Active holiday for couple
  • Hot air balloon flight for couple on the height up to one and half kilometers. It is possible on any day (morning or evening) if weather permits. The start place is 25 km away from Kharkov. Flight duration is 1.5 hours. The price includes transfer to the flight, a bottle of champagne from the service providers, certificates of balloonists and a rite of passage to this status!
  • A pleasure plane flight for a couple. It is possible during any weekend days (Saturday -Sunday). Duration - 20 minutes, there is the possibility of piloting the aircraft, if you wish. It is situated at the airfield near Kharkov.
  • A romantic boat trip in Kharkov or on the yacht outside the city. Beautiful pontoon boat is already waiting for lovers (on request, champagne and fruit can be rented on the boat, you can decorate it with balloons or to invite a musician for instrumental accompaniment during the walk). It is possible to arrange a photo shoot, and you can go for a walk with your friends and acquaintances, its capacity is 10 passengers + captain. Duration of walk - 1 hour in any day by appointment. Trips on the yacht (its capacity is up to 7 passengers + captain) with the possibility of its driving. Duration - from two hours, it is possible to rent yacht for the whole day and walks in the day and night.
  • Ride on quad or buggy. For fans of drive and adrenaline, we offer riding on ATVs or buggies. All routes are on the off-road, the equipment is given and training is provided for those who have not yet traveled with this technique + you will be accompanied by the instructor on the road. It is easy to drive it and on one Quad or buggy can go 1-2 people. Walks from 30 minutes. There are easy trails, there are more extreme ones. It is possible to use the machines for the original photo shoot. Driving is possible in any day and time!
  • Jeep tours with an experienced instructor and the opportunity to drive the SUV (with driving license and driving experience). Introductory jeep tour on the off-road within Kharkov. Machine capacity is up to 4 passengers. The program duration is 2 hours. It is possible to drive in any day.
  • Training programs for two - learn to walk on jumpers and skate hydrometer. We offer supporting each other together to learn the wisdom of walking on jumpers or riding in a new vehicle - hydrometer! This can be done in any day at any Park or location in the city of Kharkov. Program duration is 1 hour.

Impossible is possible!Every day counts! Do not waste it in vain - we will make you happy!