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Julia is the united team of people who love their job, who want to earn smiles of the happy clients, who help people and have positive life mood.

We are developing and confidently moving to the goal. We have energy and enthusiasm, good experience and innovative ideas to implement our goal to make each girl and each man happy. Join the team of Julia - together we will do the work of Cupid.

Our Marriage Agency is young. But it does not deprive us of ambition and the desire always to reach new heights! At the moment we cooperate with more than 26 countries such as USA, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey, Lebanon, France, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Morocco, UAE, the Netherlands, Norway, UK, Egypt, Austria and others. We are negotiating with new partners.

Our team

The staff of our Agency - 10 people from Ukraine. All the work is done both in the office or remotely online.

Our goal is to make Julia Agency the most popular and best international Marriage Agency in Ukraine, where men from around the world will be able quickly to find a good and most importantly, his soul mate and beloved girlfriend, with whom in the future he will create friendly family.

Julia Balanovich

Director General

ЮлJulia Balanovich - Director General

Responsible for the development, maintenance and monitoring of creative concepts of the projects of the international Marriage Agency with the aim of moving the provided services of the Agency to a new level. Broad-mind, good sense of humor, natural creativity, the ability to focus on details, flexibility of thinking, internal drive are the characteristics of the individual. Previous work experience is associated with creative positions in advertising or PR agencies, the leading media specialist in marketing positions.

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Julia Melnik

Executive Director

Julia Melnik - Executive Director

Manages the Administrative Department of international marriage agency in Kharkov. Solves organizational issues, monitors teamwork, and prevents violations of labor discipline and corporate ethics. In some cases, recruits and trains employees. Produces financial planning, produces and improves of business processes. Methodological support of activities: development of regulations, performance of standards and monitoring of their implementation. Interaction with organizations ensuring the functioning of the international marriage agencies, tenders.

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Viacheslav Puzanov


Вячеслав Пузанов - Веб-дизайнер

Development and interface design for the website of international marriage agency and applications. For the convenience of users creates pages that are logical and intuitive. To attract the attention - beautiful and memorable.

The main activity is stylistic, visual and programmatic organization of information electronic format, logical and nice design information, graphic display of it on the Internet.

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Evgenia Davydova


Evgenia Davydova -  Photographer, which provides photo services in Kharkov

A photographer who easily creates colorful, memorable and interesting images that will stay with you forever! Makes the most interesting moments of the photo shoot is beautiful and real for our beautiful ladies. Now every girl can afford interesting and beautiful collection of Studio photography of the best quality. Photos in a Studio are very different from the pictures on the street. There is always the opportunity to use the scenery to create images of clothing and cosmetics - it gives an opportunity to highlight the emotion in the mood of the photo. Together we will make your image unforgettable.

Stanislav Sheverdin


Stanislav Sheverdin -  Photographer, which provides photo services in Kharkov and to our agency.

The artwork is colorful and interesting photos - it's not an easy job, rather it is a very interesting challenge for the photographer. Photography is a frozen moment of past events, which is necessary in order to give warm memorable moments in the future tense. My main goal is to create those moments beautiful and precious to you. To each order I come with the responsibility to ensure that the client receives a quality result after the photo shoot. So each my new customer, and usual customer becomes permanent, it is a pleasure to work with.

Igor Belikov

Videographer, photographer

Igor Belikov - Videographer, photographer

Graduated from NTU KHPI specialization Audio-Video-film technology. Publications in journals "Yin Yang" and "City of Love". The network is known under the pseudonym igoRajon, the total number of video views with YouTube channels and Vimeo has exceeded 1000 000 views! The assets of television projects can be credited the TV show "Tasty Karina Davtyan" and the author's project "All about Fighting without rules". My favorite subjects of photography – wedding and Love Story.

Olesya Yarchenko

Stylist, makeup artist and artist-aquatimer

Olesya Yarchenko - Stylist, makeup artist and painter

Make-up for men and women, apart from the quality of makeup she is trying to make the world of her clients warm, joyful and confidence in its irresistibility. Olesya works only on professional permanent cosmetics: Christian Dior, Lancome, Artistry, Kryolan, Make up atelier, Peggy Sage, Vov, Colordance, Gosh, Artdeko, L’etual.

Artist-aquatimer for children and adults. Drawings should be done on absolutely any subject. Professional face painting using only leading brands: Snazaroo, Kryolan, Tag.

Inna Frolova


Inna Frolova - Photographer

A photographer who takes an individual approach to each client, and emphasizes the dignity of all people. Works in various fields: photo shoots with horses, organizing photo projects, wedding photo shoot, private outdoor and Studio photography. Photography keeps the moments of our lives that will never happen again, so let's seal these moments together!

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Ukraine, Kharkov, Chebotarskaya, 80а

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Ukraine, Kharkov
Chebotarskaya, 80а
Phone: +38 (057) 712-19-13
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