We suggest our clients a simple way of selecting photos and give such recommendations:

  • Photos must be in color, bright and contrast. Your image should clearly stand out against the general situation so that a man was able represent your image in details.
  • We suggest to take photos on the background of nature or of empty space, and secondly of various items.
  • It is undesirable that there were friends or relatives on the photo in order that a man accidentally confused you with someone else and he could easily understand that this is you on the photo.
  • Photo must be natural. Smile, facial wrinkles, dimples on the cheeks or on the chin - all this makes you special and unusual first of all.
  • Photos containing sexual or erotic character are unacceptable. Our site provides only serious Dating services with real people.
Why you need a professional photo shoot?

M ost of real men are dreaming to have serious relations, so the questionnaire, where a lady expresses not serious intent, is unlikely to cause the interest of successful and wealthy men who live in another country.

Posting in your profile photos with poor quality which are taken with amateur camera, in such way you express a little disdain and disrespect for potential grooms.

After all, negligence speaks of haste and carelessness in finding a future partner. So it is advised to place a beautiful, colorful pictures where you are smiling, where you will look like a Queen, to attract and meet the man of your dreams who is worthy of you at least.

In the photos you should look like you are at this moment, do not post pictures made two years ago, with a different hair color and other forms. Sooner or later there will be a meeting with the man. Imagine how he will be pleased when he finds out that in reality you are one and the same nice girl.

The size of each photo should not exceed 2 GB.

Photos should be bright, contrasting, high-quality, preferably made in a professional studio.

Keep a selection of photographs very seriously. Remember that this is the key to your success in getting acquainted with a foreigner!

Impossible is possible!Every day counts! Do not waste it in vain - we will make you happy!