F irst of all, our Marriage Agency exists not so long, we are ambitious, intelligent, talented, insightful, highly skilled professionals in this business, and that means that we pay maximum attention to each client and we are ready to work hard, just to get the result the girl dreamt about. Dating in Kharkov for marriage, it is all real, if only you come to us. Individually! Exclusively! It saves time and effort. So it takes years to get acquainted with purposeful, reliable, responsible, caring and wealthy foreigner in real life.

What distinguishes our Agency from others?

T he workers of the decent agency are primarily good psychologists. And we have huge experience and years of practice in this field. We can get to know you and determine what type of person you need in a short period of time.

You give us your real photos, and we provide real photos of our foreign men from our data base, unlike Internet dating and blind dates. And on a date, you will see the same person whose picture you saw. A skilled and professional interpreter will help you on a date not to feel discomfort and help as quickly as possible to defuse the situation, as a result you will find a common language with a foreigner soon.

A huge plus of our Agency is that you will be assured of the seriousness of the candidates. It is hard to imagine that someone will waste time on the correspondence, and then spend much money for the flight to meet with you.

If you decide to meet in international Dating Agency, you can find your soulmate from any part of the world, with our help. This means that before you have big choice and even if you are very picky person, you will be attracted by several candidates.

T he other important thing is that our Agency gives each girl a chance to fulfill her dream to meet a real Prince-foreigner, the opportunity to feel feminine and beautiful during a professional photo shoot, when the girl is served by the top level specialists (stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists). We enable the girl to correspond with a potential groom by herself, or translators will do it for the girl if she requests. Your choice is in your hands. Pleasant surprises are waiting for the girls in the form of bonuses, if she invites her friend to us, who also wants to meet a lovely foreigner! And don't forget about the obligatory flowers and gifts from generous foreign men.

Impossible is possible!Every day counts! Do not waste it in vain - we will make you happy!